Sunday stat-check

Scoring Leaders

Despite sitting 10th in the league, Coventry currently have the top goal-scorer in Marc-Olivier Vallerand who’s put the puck into the back of the net 24 times.

Tied on most points is Mike Hammond of the Manchester Storm and Sebastien Sylvestre of the Belfast Giants on 56.

Three out of the top five assisting players wear a Guildford shirt, with John Dunbar leading with 41. I guess all the rabble about playing sexy hockey is true after all…

After a dramatic reshuffle of DOPS, it’s the mugshot of Spiro Goulakos who leads the league in penalty minutes (below), coincidentally playing a part in the incident leading up to that change.

Source: Elite League


Goalie Leaders

Surprisingly, no net-minder can claim to be on top of more than one of the leading categories.

Ervins Mustukovs of the Sheffield Steelers has the best Goals Against Average (GAA), only conceding roughly 2.28 every game. In second place is Ben Bowns on 2.47, who’s enjoyed the most wins out of anyone in his position (27).

The goals against category can be interpreted as ‘which backup has played the least amount of games.’ In this case the backup net-minder to Mustukovs, Brad Day, has only conceded one goal alongside Andrew Dickson of the Belfast Giants.

The saves category always draws some sympathy from fans I feel; Braehead’s Ryan Nie is the unfortunate winner of this, facing 1,076 shots so far.

Finally, the top award in my opinion, which is the save percentage, goes to *drum-roll*…Patrick Galbraith of the Nottingham Panthers with 92.9%.

Team Streaks

After beating Fife 4-3 in overtime last night, Dundee took their consecutive wins to three games. Also on a three game winning streak are league leaders the Cardiff Devils and the Nottingham Panthers.

Dundee play Edinburgh tonight, who hold the longest losing streak in the season so far with 13 games (29.11.2017 – 06.01.2018). Tied in second place with them is, well… Edinburgh, who also endured another 13 game losing streak from 14.10.2017 – 18.11.2017.

Omar Pacha’s side will be looking to take advantage of their three consecutive road wins against a side who’ve currently lost their last two at home in Murrayfield.

Cardiff took their home winning streak to 11 games, the highest so far this season, after beating Coventry 2-1. This meant Coventry’s losing streak increased to four games, they play the Devils again tonight.


Again its Dundee in the spotlight, recording their biggest crowd in regular season history with 2,000 fans attending last nights match. The start of the game was actually delayed due to the large crowd according to the notes on the Elite League website.

Nottingham leads the rest of the league in attendance stats overall, boasting an average of 5,742 fans each game with a total attendance of 109,107 so far this season. Second to them in total attendance is the Sheffield Steelers on 87,576 fans. Nottingham could play around four games without anybody attending before their total would be beaten.

Power-play/Penalty killing

The Cardiff Devils lead with a total of 48 power-play goals from 165 advantages. This means they’ve scored in nearly a third (29.09%) of the opportunities they’ve had against fewer men on the ice. Ironically, they are also joint second in the amount of short handed goals they’ve conceded which is eight.

The Manchester Storm have the strange accolade of conceding the least amount of short handed goals (1) and simultaneously scoring the most against other teams (9). Something to do with the smaller ice maybe? Or the scary man in charge of them? I’ll let you decide.

The Sheffield Steelers have killed off 87.50% of the penalties they’ve faced, which is 6.21% more than Fife and Cardiff who are tied second on 81.29%.

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