Sit down and behave yourself

When crowd numbers rise in any sport, the chance of venues encountering problems inevitably does with it. In Ice Arena Wales alone this season we’ve already experienced someone throwing the contents of their drink into the penalty box as well as a man dressed up as a furry animal diving onto the ice after the game had finished.

Subsequently the man who wasted a perfectly good beer was thrown out and as for the furry animal, well the ice was dry so it became more of a face-plant than a dive. We can laugh these off for the time being; unlike one particular problem which is happening time and time again.

If you’d told me that I’d be writing a piece on people getting out of their seats while the game is in play when I first started this website two months ago; I’d have laughed at you. Yet here I am, some sort of caped keyboard warrior fighting what is essentially an uphill battle.

To tackle, or rather body-check this issue, first I’ll address the idea that it’s only new spectators to the sport who commit this atrocity. While it’s true that I’ve never seen someone in a team jersey do it; this doesn’t mean we can rule long term fans out.

Now you’re thinking: I may only be guilty of doing this once, but by doing it once you’ve recruited partners in crime. You may not know them but trust me, they’ve seen you and now they also have the confidence to do it. Also because new spectators may read this and start wearing hockey attire to blend into the shadows. The latter being a disaster.

Next up is motive. I understand that nobody likes queuing, especially the British, but guess what? Nobody likes having their view blocked either pal. It’s no excuse when there is no steward because that’s when the rules of etiquette should kick in.

Apart from the odd occasion, the whistle is blown quite frequently in Ice Hockey. There lies your perfect opportunity to leave your seat; whether the period has just started or if there’s two minutes left.

For the people who are trying to find their seats even though its halfway through the game: Firstly, where have you been? And secondly, speak to a Steward because no matter how smart you think you are, they made Battleships 7+ for a reason.

Now I don’t mean to start riots but if the person next to you attempts to leave their seat while the game is in play, politely remind them that I once missed an Andrew Lord goal because of it. Nothing gets in the way between me and my love for that man.

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