The Gardiner Conference

The Braehead Clan will be looking to clinch their fourth consecutive Conference title this season under new coach John Tripp in what is now an all Scottish affair. This is because the Manchester Storm have moved to the Patton conference, also taking Braehead coach Ryan Finnerty with them. This leaves four teams: Dundee, Edinburgh, Fife and Braehead (profiles below). 

 So can anyone stop Braehead? Last year’s runners up Dundee finished 10 points behind them and are going into the 2017/18 season without top point scorer Vinny Scarsella, who finished top of the league in assists with 54. Despite this there is still hope for a new conference winner as Braehead too have seen their arsenal stripped of its key assets.

Ryan Finnerty left Scotland with a memento in the form of Matt Beca, the 2016/17 elite league top point scorer with 75, whose joined him at the Manchester Storm. To make matters worse, Scott Pitt, the elite league’s top scorer with 32 goals and runner up in points, has left Braehead to join Slovakian team MSHK Zilina. The pair were responsible for 27% of the team’s points last year leaving a huge vacancy not only in the team but in the conference for new forwards to step into. Finding new attacking talent to fill this void while maintaining a sturdy defense could well be the key to clinching the title for any of the teams.

To refresh your memory on how the new conferences will work you can check the elite league website here.


Team Name: Dundee Stars Stars

Founded: 2001

Arena: Dundee Ice Arena

Coach: Omar Pacha


2016/17 Results:

League: 7th

Cup: Quarter-final

Play-off: Semi-final


Scoring Leaders:

Goals: Kevin Bruijsten (23)

Assists: Vinny Scarsella (54)

Overall: Vinny Scarsella (72)


*2017/18 Roster:

Netminders Defence Forwards
#40 Travis Fullerton

#31 Craig Holland

#57 Joey de Concilys

#44 Emerson Hrynyk

#96 Kris Inglis

#12 Gabriel Levesque

#42 Anthony Mastrodicasa

#51 Cameron McGiffin

# 2 Riley Stadel

#23 Johan Andersson

#10 Tyler Brickler

#14 Jordan Cownie

#81 Taylor Dickin

#24 Ben Edmonds

#74 Malcolm Gould

# 4 Adam Harding

#19 Jimmy Jensen

#18 Chris Lawrence

#77 Patrick Lee

#17 Marc-Olivier Mimar


Players In Players Out
Adam Harding

Jordan Cownie

Malcolm Gould

Taylor Dickin

Travis Fullerton

Anthony Mastrodicasa

Johan Andersson

Jimmy Jensen

Tyler Brickler

Riley Stadel

Emerson Hrynyk

Gabriel Levesque

Patrick Lee

Marc-Olivier Mimar

Chris Lawrence

Scott Brannon

Craig Moore

Josh Grieveson

Brett Switzer

Joe Fallon

Justin Faryna

Vinny Scarsella

Craig Cescon

Mikael Lidhammar

Joey Sides

*As of 15/09/17


Team Name: Fife Flyers Flyers

Founded: 1938

Arena: Fife Ice Arena

Coach: Todd Dutiaume


2016/17 Results:

League: 6th

Cup: Group Stages

Play-off: Quarter-final


Scoring Leaders:

Goals: Ryan Dingle (31)

Assists: Mathew Sisca (38)

Overall: Mathew Sisca (55)


*2017/18 Roster:

Netminders Defence Forwards
#29 Andy Iles

#33 Jordan Marr

#43 Ricards Birzins

# 3 Reece Cochrane

# 5 James Isaacs

#26 Russ Moyer

# 2 Thomas Muir

#04 Chris Wands

# 7 Ian Young

#18 Sean Beattie

#10 Evan Bloodoff

#40 Carlo Finucci

#78 Danick Gauthier

#74 Liam Heelis

#32 Peter LeBlanc

#27 Charlie Mosey

#91 Chase Schaber

#15 Josh Scoon

#37 Chad Smith

#27 Shayne Stockton


Players In Players Out
Peter LeBlanc

Evan Bloodoff

Jordan Marr

Danick Gauthier

Liam Heelis

Sean Beattie

Reece Cochrane

Ian Young

Andy Iles

Charlie Mosey

Ricards Birzins

Shane Owen

Ryan Dingle

Philippe Paquet

Brendan Brooks

Ric Jackman

Craig Douglas

Sebastien Thinel

Bryan Cameron

*As of 15/09/17


Team Name: Braehead Clan Clan

Founded: 2010

Arena: Braehead Arena

Coach: John Tripp


2016/17 Results:

League: 5th

Cup: Quarter-final

Play-off: Quarter-final


Scoring Leaders:

Goals: Scott Pitt (32)

Assists: Matt Beca (48)

Overall: Matt Beca (75)



Netminders Defence Forwards
#35 Ryan Nie

# 1 Gary Russell


# 5 Christoffer Bjӧrklund

#76 Cameron Burt

#32 Craig Cescon

# 3 Josh Grievson

# 4 Landon Oslaski

#21 Zach Sullivan

#18 Adam Brace

#49 Brendan Brooks

#12 Jordan Buesa

#28 Jacob Doty

#26 Mike Embach

#57 Lee Esders

#17 Richard Hartmann

#11 Matthew Haywood

# 9 Bari McKenzie

#71 Craig Peacock

#22 Ryan Potulny

#10 Tyler Scofield

#16 Tyler Shattock




Players In Players Out
Josh Grievson

Brendan Brooks

Ryan Nie

Jacob Doty

Mike Embach

Cameron Burt

Landon Oslanski

Craig Cescon

Tyler Scofield

Adam Brace

Stuart Kerr

Connor Henderson

Scott Henderson

Tyler Shattock

Christopher Bjӧrklund

Ryan Potulny

Alex Leavitt

Matt Keith

Michal Zajkowski

Jay Rosehill

Lee Baldwin

Mike Hammond

Scott Pitt

Scott Aarssen

Matt Beca

Daniel Ahsberg

Cody Carlson

Kyle Wharton

Stefan Della Rovere

Callum Boyd


*As of 15/09/17


Team Name: Edinburgh Capitals Capitals

Founded: 1998

Arena: Murrayfield Ice Rink

Coach: Dmitri Khristich


2016/17 Results:                                                                                                                           

League: 10th

Cup: Quarter-final

Play-off: DNQ


Scoring Leaders:

Goals: Ian Schultz (19)

Assists: Pavel Vorobyev (34)

Overall:  Pavel Vorobyev (50)



Netminders Defence Forwards
#33 Kevin Forshall

#31 Jordan McLaughlin

#62 Pavel Shegalo


#51 Michael D’Orazio

#78 Rihards Grigors

# 7 Jay King

#24 Tyler Plews

#43 Konstantin Teslyukevich

#11 Denis Trakhanov

#19 Dylan Anderson

#17 Sergei Banashkov

#89 Callum Boyd

#13 Mike Cazzola

#14 Harry Ferguson

#86 Alexander Islamov

#22 Calum Robertson

#20 Aaron Robertson

#38 Duncan Speirs

#40 Taylor Stefishen

#71 Marek Tvrdon

#95 Juris Upitis

#92 Igor Valeyev

#81 Pavel Vorobyev



Players In Players Out
Mike Cazzola

Calum Robertson

Aaron Robertson

Sergei Banashkov

Jordan McLaughlin

Pavel Shegalo

Duncan Speirs

Denis Trakhanov

Taylor Stefishen

Konstanin Teslyukevich

Alexander Islamov

Dylan Anderson

Igor Valeyev

Callum Boyd

Juris Uptis

Marek Tvrdon


Michal Dobron

Jacob Johnston

Jaroslav Hertl

Travis Fullerton

Taylor MacDougall

Jordan Marr

Sean Beattie

Matt Tipoff

Karel Hromas


*As of 15/09/17

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