The Erhardt Conference

The 2017/18 season sees a change to the Erhardt conference. Gone now are the Coventry Blaze, to the Patton Conference along with Manchester Storm and the two new teams, Guildford Flames, and Milton Keynes Lightning. Leaving the “arena teams” to now compete for supremacy in the Erhardt.

Reigning champions Cardiff Devils will be looking to win back-to-back conference titles, but the challenge of facing the Nottingham Panthers, Belfast Giants, and Sheffield Steelers will prove a stern test for Andrew Lords’ men.

Belfast Giants missed out on the Erhardt conference title last season on the final weekend. But with strong additions, and long-time giant Adam Keefe now in charge, a rebuilt and potentially improved Belfast team could push for not only the conference title, but also the League title.

Nottingham Panthers have shown, from before the season start that they’re league contenders once again. Three wins in the Champions Hockey league prove their talent and depth. The big question now is, can they use European success to fuel a title charge, or could it be a repeat of last season with a poor league showing, a stark contrast to winning the Continental Cup?

After a poor season, sugar-coated by “nine days of madness”, the Sheffield Steelers recruited quickly, bringing in a number of new players, including former Coventry power-forward Matt Marquardt. As always, they will be at the business end of the league table, and with Paul Thompson now signed on for another two seasons Sheffield will have some stability. Fans though hope for a better showing than just four wins in twelve against Cardiff last term.

To conclude, there is a high chance that the Elite League Winners this year will come from the Ehrardt Cofnernce, but with each team facing each other eight times, the winner could be any one of them. We will have to wait and see.


Team Name: Cardiff Devils

Founded: 1986

logo cardiff

Arena: Ice Arena Wales

Coach: Andrew Lord


2016/17 Results:

League: 1st

Cup: 1st

Play-off:  Runners-Up


Scoring Leaders:

Goals: Layne Ulmer; Joey Haddad; Guillaume Doucet; (19)

Assists: Andrew Hotham (43)

Overall:  Joey Martin; Andrew Hotham; (53)


*2017/18 Roster:

Netminders Defence Forwards
#33 Ben Bowns

#30 Thomas Murdy


#6 Drew Paris

#91Bryce Reddick

#24 Andrew Hotham

#4 Mark Louis

#17 Mark Richardson

#20 Gleason Fournier

#00 Callum Buglass (2-way)

#88 Joey Martin

#27 Joey Haddad

#85 Sean Bentivoglio

#42 Matt Pope

#18 Layne Ulmer

#23 Patrick Asselin

#8 Matthew Myers

#81 Justin Faryna

#29 Craig Moore

#41 Josh Batch

#71 Andrew Lord

#47 Jake Morrisette

#21 Luke Piggott

#80 Paul Crowder

#00 Toms Rutkis (2-way)



Players In Players Out
Drew Paris

Bryce Reddick

Justin Faryna

Craig Moore

Paul Crowder

Matt Pope

Scott Hotham

Patrick Bordeleau

Guillaume Doucet

Chris Jones

Denny Kearney

David Brine


*As of 14/09/17




Team Name: Belfast Giantsdownload

Founded: 2000

Arena: SSE Arena Belfast

Coach: Adam Keefe


2016/17 Results:

League: 2nd

Cup: Semi-Finals

Play-off: Semi-Finals


Scoring Leaders:

Goals: Blair Riley (28)

Assists: Chris Higgins (35)

Overall:  Blair Riley (56)


*2017/18 Roster:

Netminders Defence Forwards
#35 Andrew Dickson

#31 Stephen Murphy

#1 Jackson Whistle


#7 Mark Garside

#6 Spiro Goulakos

#2 Cole Jarrett

#88 Ryan Martinelli

#22Kevin Raine

#9 Jim Vandermeer

#26 Brandon Benedict

#63 Brendan Connolly

#17 Stephen Eccles

#24 Jonathan Ferland

#83 Dustin Johner

#21 John Kurtz

#15 Darcy Murphy

#25 Blair Riley

#12 Steve Saviano

#19 Colin Shields

#10 Sebastien Sylvestre

#74 Matt Towe



Players In Players Out
Darcy Murphy

Sebastien Sylvestre

Jonathan Ferland

Dustin Johner

Cole Jarrett

Kevin Raine

Brendan Connolly

Spiro Goulakos

John Kurtz

Michael Forney

Matt Nickerson

Jerome Leduc

Jonathan Boxhill

Michael Quesnele

David Rutherford

Chris Higgins

Derrick Walser


*As of 14/09/17




Team Name: Nottingham Panthers

Founded: 1946Nottingham_Panthers_Logo

Arena: National Ice Centre

Coach: Corey Neilson


2016/17 Results:

League: 4th

Cup: Semi-finals

Play-off: Quarter-finals


Scoring Leaders:

Goals: Chris Lawrence (16)

Assists: Brad Moran (28)

Overall:  Stephen Schultz (42)


*2017/18 Roster:

Netminders Defence Forwards
#34 Michael Garnett

#31 Sam Gospel

#88 Eduard Zakharchenko


#54 Tim Billingsley

#57 Mathieu Brisebois

#75 Mathieu Gagnon

#13 Joseph Hazeldine

#45 Stephen Lee

#21 Yann Sauve

#33 Dan Spang

#25 Joshua Tetlow

#74 Oliver Betteridge

#16 Jeff Brown

#91 Raphael Bussieres
#5David Clarke

#23Mark Derlago

#19 Robert Farmer

#14 Jordan Kelsall

#7 Robert Lachowicz

#29 Erik Lindhagen

#71 Alex Mokshantev

#17 Evan Mosey

#9 Brett Perlini

#51 Zack Phillips

#44 Josh Shalla


Players In Players Out
Joshua Tetlow

Jordan Kelsall

Sam Gospel

Eduard Zakharchenko

Mike Garnett

Alex Mokshantev

Tim BIllingley

Raphael Bussieres

Joseph Hazeldine

Mathieu Brisebois

Zack Phillips

Mathieu Gagnon

Evan Mosey

Josh Shalla

Mark Derlago

Yann Sauve

Brett Perlini

Brad Moran

Matt Carter

Alex Nikiforuk

Dan Green

Brian McGratten

Geoff Waugh

Deivids Sarkanis
Chris Lawrence

Logan Macmillan

Miika Wiikman

*As of 14/09/17




Team Name: Sheffield Steelers

Founded: 1991download2

Arena: Sheffield Motorpoint Arena

Coach: Paul Thompson


2016/17 Results:

League: 3rd

Cup: Runners-Up

Play-off: Winners


Scoring Leaders:

Goals: Mathieu Roy (28)

Assists: Mathieu Roy (29)

Overall:  Mathieu Roy (57)



Netminders Defence Forwards
#33 Ervins Mustukovs

#30 Bradley Day

#6 Scott Aarssen

#28 Zack Fitzgerald

#25 Mark Matheson

#81 Ben O’Connor

#13 David Phillips

#29 Joonas Rӧnnberg

#27 Cole Shudra

#90 John Armstrong

#72 Kieran Brown (2-way)

#75 Robert Dowd

#67 Colton Fretter

#14 Liam Kirk

#37 Matt Marquardt

#76 Levi Nelson

#20 Jonathan Phillips

#22 Brady Ramsey

#15 Mathieu Roy

#12 Andreas Valdix

#21 Tim Wallace

#92 Jonas Westerling



Players In Players Out
Mark Matheson

Jonas Westerling

Tim Wallace

Matt Marquardt

Joonas Rӧnnberg

Kieran Brown

Brady Ramsey

Scott Aarssen

Anders Franzon

Luke Ferrera

Guillaume Desbiens

Jace Coyle

Yared Hagos

Mike Ratchuk

Geoff Walker


*As of 14/09/17

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